Drainage and Water Searches

CON29DW – Drainage and Water Search – In brief


The CON29DW search, commonly referred to as the Drainage or Drainage and Water Search is a search carried out by the sewerage and water undertaker for the Property. The search reveals a lot of useful information in relation to the water connection, foul and surface water drainage.

Not sure who your water and sewerage undertaker is? Check out this useful map or go to  http://www.water.org.uk/consumers/find-your-supplier


Map of UK water providers
UK Water Provider Map


Each undertaker has their own official CON29DW provider;


Not sure of the right search provider for the Property location? Use the great useful tool on the Con29DW website here. Type in a postcode and it will tell you the correct place to request an official CON29DW search from.


For an example CON29DW search check this out from the SafeSearch website here